Robin Rumble Braun: Things Are Changing for Women in the Military

Pine: Over the course of 30 years, what has changed for women in the military? Do you consider yourself a pioneer for high-ranking women?

Rumble Braun: Many, many things have changed for women in the military over the past few decades -- most significantly the 1992 Defense Authorization Act that repealed the long-standing combat exclusion law for women Navy and Air Force pilots, and the 1993 decision to end combat exclusion for women on combatant ships. So, while I wasn't allowed to be assigned to a combat squadron as a young officer, today our female aviators are flying missions over Iraq and Afghanistan in every type of combat aircraft. Only a few jobs remain closed to women; we command ships, squadrons and bases, and now there are five women admirals from the aviation community. There's even discussion about opening the submarine community to women.

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