Robin Rumble Braun: This is Your Pilot Speaking

Pine: What has been your most interesting experience so far in your naval career?

Rumble Braun: Being part of the 2005 recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The Navy sent ships, aircraft, and personnel to the area and was critical to the recovery efforts. I served aboard the USS IWO JIMA, at the pier in New Orleans, providing command and control, electricity, communications, water, and meals to those assisting in the recovery effort. We were there for a few weeks and had the opportunity to survey the incredible damage to the region. The following year the Navy assigned me to a job in New Orleans, so I moved to the area for a little over a year. I thoroughly enjoyed living there and helping the resilient and determined people of New Orleans rebuild their city.

The Navy, of course, is deployed all over the world, so travel to distant lands has definitely made for fascinating experiences. For many years, I flew the DC-9 which held up to 100 passengers or could be modified to haul pallets of cargo. We flew missions literally all over the world, moving Sailors and supplies to ships in foreign ports or dropping Navy SEALs for special operations. From the jungles of Malaysia, remote runways in Africa, and air bases in Greenland, to Hong Kong, Beijing, Paris, Sydney, and Santiago, there have been exciting experiences too numerous to mention. However, it is always great to get back home where I always appreciate the freedom and opportunity we, as Americans, enjoy.

Pine: How did your NAU education help prepare you for your career?

Rumble Braun: I definitely think my education at NAU provided a solid foundation and skills needed to be successful in the business world. First, I received a rigorous liberal arts education from great professors who took an interest in me and made me excited about learning. Second, I was involved in extracurricular activities that enabled me to learn a lot about leadership, teamwork and follow-through. Third, I was surrounded by inspirational adult role models who were my teachers, administrators, advisors, and employers on campus.

Pine: Is there any NAU experience, person, class, instructor that you will never forget?

Rumble Braun: There are truly so many people from NAU who made a difference in my life. Barb and Larry Gardner were two of those inspirational people who stood out during my NAU years. Barb was advisor to a sophomore women¿s service organization (SPURs) to which I belonged, and Larry was my accounting professor. They opened their home to our group of 20+ sophomore girls on many occasions and became like family to us. We all used Barb as a sounding board, advisor, and counselor and appreciated her sense of humor and no-nonsense approach to life. Larry was a great supporter of our group and was an outstanding professor who was dedicated to his students. The Gardners remained friends and advisors long after my sophomore year and were role models for me.

Pine: How do you enjoy your spare time?

Rumble Braun: Although I live in Washington, D.C. right now, my husband and I have called the great state of Maine home for the past ten years. We enjoy spending time with our two grown children at our cabin on Sabattus Lake. Winter or summer, it¿s a beautiful place with many outdoor activities to enjoy.

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