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1960s and Earlier

Adolph "Fito" Trujillo, '55 BS, (pictured right) is one of "The Mighty Vandals" -- members of the 1951 Miami (Ariz.) basketball team now featured in a play of that name by James E. Garcia of the New Carpa Theatre Co. The high school athletes, predominantly Mexican-American, "raised the spirits of an entire mining town amid the struggles of poverty and ethnic discrimination." Trujillo, the first in his family to get a college degree, received a basketball scholarship to Arizona State College at Flagstaff, and the rest is...history.

Montana entrepreneur Larry Wilson, NAU '63, transcending adversity, nurtures a new Portland radio empire: http://ow.ly/MI6N.

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Debra May Himes, '75 BS, has been honored with a 2009 American Society of Interior Designers Medalist Award, "in recognition of outstanding service and significant contributions to their chapter, the Society and the profession as a whole." Also noteworthy, especially in light of her NAU connection: Himes has passed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design accreditation exam, bringing a new discipline to her "green" design credentials.

Guitar virtuoso Tom Sheeley, NAU '77, will perform a benefit concert for daughter Cory's fight against AML Leukemia: http://ow.ly/13s9n.

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Judy Cox, '84 MED, a prolific author of children's books, has just published Cinco De Mouse-O (Holiday House, 2010), a valiant quest for piƱata candy by one of Judy's signature animal heroes. For more information on Mouse-O and two other recent outings, The Case of the Purloined Professor and Pick a Pumpkin, Mrs. Millie!, visit Amazon's Judy Cox page.

"A Sea of White Rock:" geologist Wayne Ranney, NAU '80 & '88, is fathoming the mystery of the Verde formation - http://ow.ly/Feic.

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Chris Bustamante, '94 MED & '99 EDD, has been named Rio Salado College's interim president. Praised for his "instrumental" role in "the collaborative development of the Arizona Communiversity concept," Bustamante oversaw the largest dual enrollment program in both the Maricopa District and all of Arizona. He previously served as Rio Salado's VP of community development and student services as well as dean of academic affairs, and held executive positions with the Maricopa Community College District.

She's a ringer: Tschana Breslin, NAU '06, gets Olympian with the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association Sports Science team - http://ow.ly/14g7d.

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Victoria "Tory" Shanklin, attended, was among several Peace Corps/Romania volunteers who met with Vice President Biden during a recent visit to Bucharest. Alaska native Shanklin (left of the VP) has been serving as an English teacher in Romania since 2007.

Coconino County finalists for Rodel's Exemplary Teacher honor include two NAU grads: Kathy Fox, '04 and Jill Allan, '80: http://ow.ly/EU7b.

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