Pine Fall 2010: Additional Memoirs

Mary Magdalene Pace Allen, '33 BS, Feb. 28.

N. Elwood "Shadow" Miller, Sr., '35 BA, '40 MA, Mar. 4. Former NAU alumni director Bob Crozier, '53, '71, remembers "Shadow" as "a great excellent president of the NAU Alumni Association and very faithful to his role and NAU." Past president Chuck Pilon, '59, '66, adds: "He was a fantastic educator and great athlete." Recalls fellow past president Larry Schnebly, '52: "He was a self-effacing quiet gentleman, and very effective because of of the old-school gents."

Dorothy M. Endsley Salladay, '40 BA, Apr. 10. Alumni Relations associate director Krista Perkins fondly recalls both Dorothy and her late husband, James, as "devoted NAU alumni. Their son, Ron, always remembered to check in with the Alumni Office on their behalf; we were proud to mark their 70th wedding anniversary with a special certificate from their alma mater. They were very special people who dearly loved NAU."

Fred Harlan Bingham, '47 BS, '52 MED, Mar. 27.

Ian Lionel Bryant, '52 BS, Jun. 11.

Hector M. "Hack" Mayer, '54 MA, Nov. 10, 2009.

Charles M. "Ike" Sharp, attended '57-'65, May 2.

Joe V. Rocha, '62 BS, '72 MED, Mar. 29.

Charles L. Faires, '65 BS, Jan. 19. His family writes, "Our beloved brother had been battling hepatitis C and cancer...Charles was an educator, a master teacher, a very creative artist, a wine expert and a Peace Corps volunteer. He and his [late] father, Dano M. Faires, '49, were both alumni and instructors at many colleges and universities...Charles loved NAU. The education and relationships he gained while attending were invaluable in his distinguished career...As dean at Nova Southern University, he had the largest Ph.D. program in the country. Distinguished leaders befriended Charles from all walks of life: police chiefs, city mayors, world diplomats."

Phyllis Mann Manthe, attended '68-'78, Feb. 5.

Gil Meza, '69 BS, Apr. 30.

Keith A. Eaton, '71 BS, '76 MA, Mar. 18.

Patrick Stephen Willis, '76 BS, Sept. 15, 2009.

Donna Mae Aurand, '77 PHD, Feb. 1.

Martin Frazer, '77 BS, Jan. 26.

Heidi Anne Behrens, '83 AS, '01 BA, Feb. 19.

Steven L. Besich, '83 BS, Jan. 29.

Katherine "Kathy" M. Dalton Van Riper, '91 BS, Feb. 5.

Kelly Ann Kenny, '91 BS, Mar. 10. A graduate of Holbrook High School in '86, after NAU she completed a master's degree from Chapman University. She was most recently employed at the International School of the Americas.

Wilma Mankiller, '92 HON, Apr. 6.

Olivia Free-Woman a.k.a. Judy Lynne Canion, '97 MED, Apr. 2. According to her obituary, Olivia taught special education, elementary and middle school, for more than 30 years, the last 26 at Creighton School. "Olivia was a political activist and outspoken advocate for the rights of women, children, and minorities. She was a founding member of Phoenix Women Take Back the Night in the 1980s and has been memorialized in the women's exhibit at the Arizona Historical Society Museum...Olivia loved bike riding, dancing, laughing, puns, screaming monkeys, movies, cooking -- but most of all, teaching."

Christopher Lee Beazley, '00 BS, Jan. 4.

Joshua Warves, attended '06-'07, June 24.

Mark Spradlin, '08 BS, Feb. 4. A graduate of Tolleson High school where he excelled in football, basketball, and baseball, he attended NAU on a football scholarship. "Mark was an avid outdoorsman who had a passion for hunting. He was planning on wedding the love of his life, Christina Loyash, on March 13."

Todd Beauchat, current student, Apr. 11.

Peggy Garito, former staff, Apr. 28.

Matthew Claytor, current student, May 1. Matthew was a senior in the College of Engineering, Forestry and Natural Sciences, majoring in construction management.

Ariel Lara, current student, May 8.

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