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1960s and Earlier

Charles Bonney, '68 BA, best known by NAU trivia buffs as sculptor of the well-sinewed Lumberjack on Central Campus, also engendered the buffalo statue in Flagstaff's Buffalo Park (pictured right). Suite101.com explains that Bonney, then an ASC student, constructed the majestic three-ton beast of "steel frame covered with wire mesh and coated with a concrete and latex-silicon mixture." Pricetag: $500. Compelling contribution to local identity: Priceless.

Dusty Everman, NAU '61 & '67, could write the book on coaching track and field - mathematical proofs included: http://ow.ly/1zopN

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Craig Thompson, '71 BS, '73 MA, writes via Facebook, "If only I had an excuse to be back on the beautiful campus of NAU...the smell of pine, refreshing summer rains; cookouts at the park; living on campus with my family...great times in the Navajo Teacher Corps, through the College of Education...So happy a nephew and niece have chosen NAU." Craig is author of an historical thriller, Omar (StragaGem Press, 2001), which we notice is temporarily out of stock on Amazon. Print more, Craig.

NAU alumna Gladys Bradley, '76, honors local African-American heritage with Black History Quilt and NAACP focus: http://ow.ly/1nWTW

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Linda Backman, '87 EDD (pictured right), a licensed psychologist, has received training in alternative techniques such as regression therapy and shamanic soul retrieval. Presenting recently in Cottonwood, she discussed her book, Bringing Your Soul to Light: Healing Through Past Lives and the Time Between (Llewellyn Publications, 2009). The product description on Amazon.com.com lauds Backman's "wealth of original first-hand accounts from actual past-life and between-lives regression sessions."

David Mangelsdorf, NAU '81, elected to National Academy of Sciences, pioneers research that could lead to obesity fix: http://ow.ly/1qQEA

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Robyn LaMont, '96 BS (pictured at far left), a.k.a. blogger "Savvyscout," is one of our favorite latter-day foreign correspondents, reporting most recently from her travels in Vietnam and Mexico, with a brief hiatus in Phoenix. You can read about her eclectic adventures, from encounters with "Thai tattoos," a reckless boat driver in Ha Long Bay, and [our favorite title] "Death by 1,000 Logs" at her blog on TravelPod.

NAU alumna Casi Ruffo, '96 & '99, @ Child Abuse Prevention conference - "Children are suffering from a hidden epidemic": http://ow.ly/1taNJ

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Dom Flemons, '05 BA (pictured bottom right), explains at charlotteobserver.com how he and his bandmates were inspired by a Black Banjo Gathering at Appalachian State University to explore a new idiom. Their group, the Carolina Chocolate Drops, appeared at April's fifth anniversary Black Banjo Gathering Reunion in Charlotte, NC. The combo, playing in a style both retro and iconoclastic, was also profiled by NPR's Terry Gross on Fresh Air. Listen -- and be prepared to tap your feet -- at the NPR music site.

Pen Paragon: Ellen Riek, NAU '00, '02 & '09, AWC Teacher of the Year, "works tirelessly for the improvement of writing" - http://ow.ly/1fC3Y

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