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Carolyn Rowland Dirksen, '67 BA, '68 MA, a longtime English prof at Lee University in Cleveland, Tenn. and current vice president for Academic Affairs, delivered the summer commencement address (The Chattanoogan.com). Her vita, along with a visiting professorship at China's Henan University and two summers at the Russian-American Christian University in Moscow, includes a third-party Facebook Fan Club which happily proclaims, "Who loves Lee's Vice President of Academic Affairs? Everyone does."

Channeling the Student Body: college dean Dan Chacon, NAU '65 & '69, shadows students' experience with financial aid: http://ht.ly/2KHCG

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Carol J. Campbell, '77 BS (left), has been honored with the Woman Tech Council's Technology Innovator Award. A senior R&D manager at ATK Aerospace Systems, she has been principal investigator on a number of new tech programs for the armed forces. In 2003 she was nominated to the Space Technology Hall of Fame for key contributions to the Thiokol Humanitarian De-Mining Flare. Campbell raises and shows American Paint Horses and is 2010 president of the Utah Paint Horse Club.

New research on difficult-to-treat & drug-resistant infectious diseases grounded in lab work of NAU's Paul Keim, '77: ht.ly/2u4fn

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Brian Nordstrom, '89 EDD, a 30-year veteran prof at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, is co-authoring a six-volume series with Dr. Monica Halka, Periodic Table of Elements (Facts on File Inc., 2010). The first three books in print are detailed accounts of Nonmetals, Halogens & Noble Gases, and Alkali/Alkaline-Earth Metals. Dr. Nordstrom, where were you when we were getting our C's in high school chemistry?

Randy Nelson, NAU '80, now shines in the firmament of "State Stars" for small business development at AWC: http://ht.ly/2ohL4

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Darcie Thompson, '94 BA (left), invites you to her life-in-progress. "An Experiment in Writing" is her new take on creative fiction writing and blogs, or in her words: "Started Aug.1. Something new will be posted every day to the plot for 365 days. No outline. Just one hour a day to write. If all works in my favor, we will have a great story in the end!" Darcie's blog heroine has already addicted at least one Alumni staffperson, so don't say we didn't warn you.

From NAU alum/English lit major Tom Reale, '99: "Six Gems of Geometry" makes elusive math concepts meaningful to all - http://ht.ly/37Bq3

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Wes McCalley, '03 BS, '04 MBA, and Christina Lake (right) were married April 23rd. Though McCalley's beautiful bride is an Ohio State University grad, she's definitely an NAU fan, as befits the wife of a former ASNAU president (2003). Their wedding photog, incidentally, is also a Lumberjack: Gary O'Brien, '79 BS.

A Louse Among the Moai: NAU ecologist and '03 alum Jut Wynne discovers a new insect on Easter Island - http://ht.ly/2THS2

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