Pine: Who's That Girl?

Stephanie Lynn Guests on Dr. Phil

We asked Stephanie about how her work relates to what she studied at NAU, and she good-humoredly came up with this admittedly oblique connection.

One unconventional aspect of my work is that I've actually been on Dr. Phil a few times. I've performed in tape pieces, chimed in on controversial topics, and been featured in promotional ads for the show. Most recently they had me perform in a field shoot. I went on speed dates with six unsuspecting guys, and I made all the most desperate dating mistakes that women make, ON PURPOSE, to see how the guys would respond. I told them I was ready to get married right now, wanted babies "like yesterday," and essentially freaked them out with my ticking biological clock. Then we had some women on the show who actually make these mistakes and are baffled that they don't have husbands.

The guys had no idea I was a staff member, and Dr. Phil revealed it on stage after they rolled the tape piece. I got to apologize to the guys -- who came to the studio on show day -- for throwing so much "crazy" at them. So, I am actually fulfilling my training from back at NAU's Clifford E. White Theatre...hey, it is national television!

When we last spoke with Stephanie, she was off to tape the season launch shows -- to "run it and gun it, probably with celebrities and prominent political figures." She tells us, "I find -- especially since the Katrina shows -- that these whirlwind experiences are the most rewarding."

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