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Volunteer Alumni Network

Thank you for your willingness to assist NAU through the Volunteer Alumni Network (VAN). Please take a few minutes to complete the online volunteer registration form. Start by clicking register at the top of this page! Please write down your email and password because you will need it throughout the volunteer process. Once you have registered as a VAN member, you will receive an information packet in the mail which will help prepare you for your volunteer experience. We will e-mail you as volunteer opportunities become available, and please feel free to check the Volunteer Schedule for all current volunteer events.

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NAU Alumni Relations will soon be the central point of contact for the university wide alumni volunteer effort. We want to assist you in partnering with different departments on campus to help them reach their goals of educating, enlightening, and preparing students for life after NAU. This volunteer effort can take many forms and join many of the affiliate programs already operating on campus. Volunteers are needed to share their experiences in the working world, and give a snapshot of life in some students chosen professions. What better way to give back than engaging alumni and friends through volunteering! For more information about this program, please contact Rosanne Burton at 928-523-2512, or email rosanne.burton@nau.edu

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